3 Unique Ways to Carb-Rinse

3 Unique Ways to Carb-Rinse

After digging deep into this new concept, 3 main uses seem to stand out as key ways to maximize the benefits of carb-rinsing. This amazing new product is revolutionizing our daily lives - check it out!


bread shampoo carb-rinsing


1. Bread Shampoo

Unit Nutrition’s Rinse is bringing an old Russian tradition to the masses with an extra special bread shampoo. Uniquely scented with 3 different flavors (mixed berry, peach mango, and root beer float), this bread ‘rinse’ cleanses the scalp at the root, restoring and strengthening dry, damaged hair. Packed with everything you need for healthy locks with an incredible sheen - you won’t be disappointed!


unit rinse carb-rinsing


2. Rinse your Unit

This way of rinsing gives men the opportunity to really get to the root of the problem. Rinse leaves your prized possessions squeaky clean and ready to shine. An excellent option during hot days and long workouts. Rinse is also packaged in an easy to use squeeze bottle that can be thrown into any bag, making it simple to access wherever you may be when your Unit needs a rinse. 


bread no carbs


3. Clean Your Carbs

Many people don’t know that their carbs are in fact, dirty. When we consume carbs from various nutritional sources, they are not always clean, can't always be trusted, and may pollute our bodies. With Rinse, you can clean out those dirty carbs, extracting the nutrients you need and leaving only sparking carbs. Just swish around your mouth for 5-10 seconds and you’re good to go. A must-try for the clean-conscious. 



"A carb-rinse? Is this used as/to....???"  We’ve taken the 3 most ridiculous questions from our social channels (yes, no joke, these were actual questions!) and elaborated a little on the concept! The absurdity of these ideas made us giggle...and we hope this put a little smile on you face too! When they said there is no such thing as a stupid question...well, we beg to differ!

 *P.S. don’t use as one of the 3 uses above

**P.S again. if you're wondering what a carb-rinse is yourself, head to our website.