David McNamee Ironman World Championships Carb-Rinsing

I'm Here To Win

An excerpt from David McNamee - I'm Here To Win by INNERVOICE. Read the full article here or listen to the podcast.

"I will never fail the rep after I have a mouth-rinse. I just won't fail. I have a belief in myself and the product. When I'm right on the edge, it takes 10 seconds, I rinse with Unit Rinse, and I feel a little bit sharper. Most of the time, in training, especially intense training, you mentally give up before your body does. You can always physically do more when things get tough; your mentality can switch, and you start to tell yourself that you're tired or that it hurts too much. 

Unit rinse gives me a mental stimulation and a belief that I can actually keep going. It's a little reward and helps me look forward to hard-intense workouts. That's how I build confidence in my ability to perform. When I complete tough workouts week after week, the ones I'm not sure I'm going to get through, I walk away knowing you can push through when those doubts appear. We all remember those sessions when you're halfway through, and you wonder how you're possibly going to get to the end.

Carbohydrate mouth-rinsing is not a new concept, there are decades of research that show the benefits. For me, the fact that Unit Rinse is a product designed specifically for this purpose is significant; you rarely find a product that is backed by science and proven in the field. 

As the ultimate test approaches this weekend, I have confidence in myself as an athlete, trust in the people that I work with, and belief that I've done everything possible to get to Kona in the best possible shape. I'm really looking forward to Saturday's race, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. For me, it's very much the biggest day of the year. Thank you to everyone out there for their support."

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