NYC’s Personal Trainers Try Unit Nutrition’s “Rinse”

NYC’s Personal Trainers Try Unit Nutrition’s “Rinse”

To date, Unit Nutrition’s Rinse has been chosen by Olympic athletes, Ironman World record holder Tim Don, motorsport champions, and so many more. But, did you know that our product is also favored by personal trainers? 

We spoke with two of NYC’s most butt-kicking trainers, Or Artzi and Dexter Saldana, to discuss their techniques, background, and why they choose Rinse to give them that boost of energy and endurance, and to bring both their own as well as their clients workouts successfully across the finish line. 

Interview conducted by Beatrice Wedd, NYC-based writer & editor. 


Or Artiz

Beatrice Wedd: First off, can you tell us about yourself and why you chose to pursue a career in personal training?   

Or Artzi: I grew up as a dancer. I’ve danced since I could walk, and I always dreamt of coming to NYC to pursue my dream.

 When I was 18, I joined the Israeli Air Force, and that changed my plans. I got a great job offer right after and spent a few years after the army in a 9-5 career doing cyber security. It was the Israeli dream. A grown-up fancy job was great, but I just could not sit still. I needed to move. 

I arrived in NYC to dance but ended up as a personal trainer at Equinox. I thought it would be a great side gig, but then, I had one client who I worked with to help recover from a major back injury. Seeing her progress and what we could accomplish together, and knowing that I played a part in making her life better, all made me realize that fitness was the right field for me. And I've been in love with my work ever since.

BW: What are your 3 core beliefs when it comes to training?  


  1. No excuses! 
  2. Change happens slowly and needs to happen gradually; I believe in small habit changes that will last longer. 
  3. Never say never. Set high goals and go after them. 

BW: What tools do you recommend to your clients for endurance and energy during their workouts? What techniques can you offer on how to keep your clients motivated?  

OA: Music, lights and motivation first! Fitness should always be fun––a great way to sweat out everything that is wrong in your life. And when it comes to fuel, I recommend my clients keep their food as clean as possible. 

BW: Can you describe your experience using our product, Rinse? Did it improve performance? Were there noticeable changes? 

OA: I loved Rinse! It’s not too sweet and had such a great energy kick right away! I used it in a class and am planning to use it again at my next Spartan race. The bottle is small and easy to carry around, and it’s so easy to know the right amount. I’m definitely a fan.


Dexter Saldana

Beatrice Wedd: To start off, can you tell me a bit about your background and why you chose to become a personal trainer? 

Dexter Saldana: I’ve always been an active person, and I played a variety of sports growing up. I played basketball, baseball, football, bowling. I was into rollerblading, skateboarding, riding bikes, and plenty more. I enjoy all forms of movement and the happiness that comes along with it. 

I never had an interest in becoming a personal trainer. It’s ironic but I never really worked out. I actually got into personal training while working maintenance at Equinox. A guy who I consider to be a big brother put me under his wing and introduced me to the world of personal training. Having a sports-specific background made the transition and learning curve a little easier. But I ultimately chose to become a personal trainer because, after my studies, I’ve learned how beneficial movement is to us as a species and I ultimately enjoy helping people. Seemed like the perfect match. 

BW: What do you enjoy most about training? How would you describe its benefits?   

DS: There’s plenty I enjoy about personal training but the most rewarding thing about it is when my client sets a goal, sticks with the plan, and achieves their goal. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. The client’s confidence is now at one-hundred and I have fully earned their trust, as well as proved my knowledge and worth to them. There’s plenty of benefits to exercising but the biggest one is it keeps us youthful. 

We were designed for movement and, as life evolved, we became less mobile due to our lifestyle. Exercise has been proven to improve a person’s overall quality of life. Personally, I think the biggest benefits to exercise are mobility, stability, and balance. Regardless of what it is you do, you want to be able to move pain-free, feel stable, and not lose your balance. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, active sports enthusiast, or just a person trying to keep up with all the young ones in the family.

BW: What tools do you use to help your workouts go that extra mile, and to give you the power and stamina you need? 

DS: When it comes to the workouts, I use a variety of tools to maximize our workouts. I like to mix things up a lot and switch up the modalities to avoid the body from plateauing. When starting with a new client, I like to keep it basic and do a lot of bodyweight training. I emphasize building the foundation, which is core strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance. 

Once the foundation has been set, everything else becomes a bit easier and more enjoyable. When it comes to my personal workouts, following the same steps as my clients has allowed me to gain more power and stamina. A lot of it is mental and about relying on the training you’ve done to move you forward. Listening to music is another big factor for me. I feel like, with the right music on, it allows you to dig deeper or get into that zone you need to finish and push you through the last sets. 

BW: I hear you’ve incorporated our product into your regimen. Can you describe your experience using Rinse during workouts and training? 

DS: I can’t say I’ve been a fan of using anything extra when it comes to working out. From my past experiences using pre-workouts and other things of that nature, I feel like they sometimes help but there’s a lot of sugar and caffeine in the products. They leave you feeling jittery and shaky. I don’t like to feel that way. And there are plenty of others who feel the same way. That’s why I was a little hesitant when it came to using Unit Nutrition. To my surprise, it was the total opposite! 

What’s unique about Rinse are the 3 delightful flavors, including root beer which is one I would normally stay away from. It’s an all-natural product with no added sugars or caffeine, like other things on the market. I also love how easy it is to use and effective it is throughout the workout. 1 bottle will get you through an hour of intense workout, just by swishing a quarter of it every 15 mins. I’ve incorporated it into a few of my client’s workouts––those who sometimes need a little extra to push them through. It’s been successful, they enjoy it. It’s a product I fully believe in, support, and would recommend to anyone.