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The Brain on Rinse

Written by Beatrice Wedd, NYC-based writer & editor

Did you know, Rinse, by Unit Nutrition, is the new tool in the world of exercise. From thrilling feedback and partnerships, to pages and pages of scientific research and trials, our delicious, organic, sugar-free bottles remain the market’s best (and first) carb-rinse option. With the promise of an instant boost in energy and power, the only thing we’re waiting on is for you to give it a shot. 


Whatever exercise is your jam, this product works. Whether it’s strength training, running, cycling, or your favorite cardio class at the gym, swishing Rinse is a unique way to get the most out of your session by engaging the force that controls everything: your brain. 

But you’ve already heard of the physical benefits of Rinse. Today, Team Unit wants to clue you in on some of the cognitive ones. 

Did you know, the way carb-rinsing affects our brain and performance has been studied by scientific experts across the globe for over a decade?  

The research is conclusive. Rinsing for 5-10 seconds (whether you swallow or not) stimulates oral receptors that immediately send signals to your brain. And those signals light up 4 key areas responsible for:

  1. Motivation
  2. Pleasure 
  3. Reward 
  4. And, motor control

The result is incredible. An immediate boost to your energy and an enhanced mental focus. 

brain on unit rinse

And it’s not just us fascinated by these links between carb-rinsing and cognition. Just ask Dutch Scientist, Asker Jeukendrup. He’s the architect of the carb-rinsing craze. Plus, a 21-time Ironman who published over 150 research papers and books on exercise metabolism and nutrition, a consultant to professional sports teams and Olympic bodies, and the recipient of a PHD on the study of carbohydrate and fat metabolism during exercise

In a summary on this scientific breakthrough titled, Spit or swallow? Carb mouth rinse and performance, Asker observes how carbohydrate in the rinse had connected to receptors in the mouth that subsequently sent signals to the brain. This signal probably informed the brain that food was on its way and this reduced the perception of effort, making the exercise task easier.

So, instead of ingesting bars/drinks that actually detract from your exercise (moving the blood away from the muscle to the stomach for digestion), it’s possible to empower the brain to get more energy. Sensing that carbs are present by just swishing them in your mouth, your brain reduces the perception of effort, making the task feel easier and creating a noticeable shift in energy and endurance. 

Further studies highlight how ingesting a sports beverage or energy bar for short duration exercise (90 min or less), is to put it bluntly, totally useless. The body simply doesn’t need those carbohydrates if the exercise is short-duration since sufficient glycogen is stored in our liver and muscles. Effectively you are eating unnecessary calories that are not providing energy. The only way to boost short duration exercise is to engage the brain: that is done by carb-rinsing. 

The overall research on carb rinsing is conclusive: it activates neural pathways and delivers more energy to your body instantly. It boosts your performance in strength and cardio exercise. Is proven to enhance concentration, mental focus, and reaction speed. And it improves sport specific accuracy and self-control, on both trained and untrained athletes.

We don’t know about you, but this kind of stuff excites us. 

What do you have to lose? Try Rinse today and experience Cognitive Fueling for yourself.