What's the Buzz About?


"Unit Nutrition Brings Cognitive Fueling to 10th Annual Boston Triathlon!"

"That Spitting thing at the World Cup It's Probably 'Carb Rinsing'"

“With rising interest in clean label, organic and real-food fueling for athletes, Unit Nutrition seemed to hit the nail on the head with an aid station at the 2017 Nevis Triathlon..., where the company offered its new carbohydrate mouth rinse, UNIT RINSE, alongside tamarind balls.”

"If you’ve been following our coverage of the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, you may have noticed a new brand, Unit Nutrition, supporting the Great Britain team…”

“The brain expects a carbohydrate boost, so it gets aroused. You’re almost tricking the brain. The brain says: ‘OK, carbs are on the way, we can push harder now.’”

“Despite Unit Nutrition launching to a triathlon audience, driven by the Founder’s passion for the sport, the Company aims to tailor nutrition solutions to help athletes of all levels and across all sports maximize their performance in a healthy... and socially responsible way.”