Your Body Is Smarter
Than You Think

The brain can sense carbs in your mouth, even tasteless ones. These sensors are different from the ones for sweetness, and they prompt the brain to respond, fast. This activates neural pathways that deliver more energy to your body instantly.

Over a decade of studies from multiple universities have shown that rinsing a carb solution in the mouth for more than five seconds improves performance.

The boost is experienced whether the solution is swallowed or discharged post rinse.

Great for both strength and cardio exercise including cycling, running, maximum intensity sprinting, and stop-and-go sports like soccer.

Proven to enhance reaction time, sport specific accuracy (eg. fencing) and self-control.

It works on both trained and untrained athletes.

The Research is Conclusive

The groundbreaking science of carb-rinsing came from the laboratory of Asker Jeukendrup in 2004. Since then, an extensive body of trials have supported the benefits. Here are some of our favorites.

Researching Sports Nutrition?

The Unit Research Award Program

We strive to foster science by supporting researchers around the world in their mission to further sport and exercise nutrition. In particular, we’re focused on research related to mouth-rinsing and behavioral neuroscience.

We’re offering a $2,500 grant to support a graduate student, postdoc or faculty member conducting research relating to "cognitive fueling." An incremental $1,000 travel budget will be awarded to the winner, should their research be accepted for presentation at ACSM, ECSS or ISENC.

Please email us to apply and for all Terms & Conditions:

Deadline: December 1st, 2019