Cognitive Fueling:

The Revolution in
Performance Nutrition


Use Your Head
to Power Your Body

We’ve developed the world’s first carbohydrate rinse based on a decade of conclusive research, so you get a power boost the second you need it, without unnecessary ingredients commonly found in sports beverages.


Our Promise

We’re at the forefront of science. We strive to pioneer innovative and cutting-edge performance products that are certified organic and developed with a clean ingredient profile.

What's the Buzz About?

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Mind Over Matter

Cognitive fueling is a body-hack that tricks your brain into creating more energy physically. Whether you’re running a marathon or just need a pick-me-up, it’s tried and tested with zero side effects.

Here's How It Works


Stimulate your mouth’s carb sensors.


Signals sent to the brain activate motivation/reward centers.


Fatigue perception is reduced and power output increases.



“Having experienced the benefits of carbohydrate rinsing for several years now, it’s great to finally have a product designed for this specific use. Fuelling is key in Ironman and Unit Nutrition has provided the link, that in my opinion, has been missing.”

- David McNamee, Professional Triathlete: 3rd place, Ironman World Championships, 2017

“It is great to see a company finally translate some really important research findings into a product so that athletes can benefit from it!”

- Asker Jeukendrup, Ph.D., Renowned Sports Nutrition Scientist

"UNIT RINSE gives me the edge to feel fueled and be on top of my game without filling my stomach just before bouncing on my horse!"

- Laura Tomlinson, Olympic dressage rider, Team Gold & Individual Bronze, London Olympics 2012

“As a pro driver, I take nutrition and fitness seriously to prepare for the toughest conditions. I’ve been using UNIT RINSE since the end of 2017 and have seen a measurable difference in my performance. I make sure to have bottles in my gear bag when I head to the track, and in my gym at home for training!"

- Marc Miller, Professional Race Car Driver & Driver Coach

“As a competitive CrossFit athlete and sports dietitian, I’m always looking for the most effective way to fuel. UNIT RINSE has given me an edge in my high intensity workouts. Also, the nutrition professional in me supports such a product due to the ample research demonstrating its effectiveness as a cognitive fuel source.”

- Erin Kratzer, MS, RDN, LDN, Consultant Sports Dietitian for the Cincinnati Bengals and Miami University Redhawks

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