Unit Rinse is the world’s first commercially available carbohydrate-rinse. Based on a decade of conclusive science, it has been specially formulated to maximize the performance benefits of carb-rinsing, without containing any unnecessary, and often artificial, ingredients commonly found in sports beverages. Unit Rinse is packaged in a convenient and portable 3 oz sports bottle which delivers 4 carb-rinses.

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Because the results are instantaneous, rinse at the start of your exercise, and at least every 15 minutes after that.

We suggest consuming a minimum of 4 rinses (1 bottle) per hour because carb-rinsing has a cumulative effect. You will experience a greater benefit with 4 rinses rather than 2. There is no maximum. We suggest 4-8 rinses (1-2 bottles) as this is the amount supported by scientific studies.

We suggest rinsing for 5-10 seconds to ensure that you are thoroughly saturating the carbohydrate receptors in your mouth.


Studies show effects of carb-rinsing last anywhere up to 45 mins.

Yes, absolutely! Unit Rinse is organic, free of artificial preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and has no added sugar or sweeteners. It is designed to swallow after rinsing for added hydration benefits, but the choice is yours. The important part is rinsing or swishing, so don’t skip that!

Carb-rinsing stimulates receptors found in the mouth which activate brain areas associated with motor control, reward, pleasure, and motivation. The increase of this corticomotor excitability lowers the athlete’s perception of effort during exercise and results in increased power output.

Scientifically, there's no indication this would happen.

Over the last decade, studies demonstrate the efficacy of carb-rinsing for improving power output in many sports including cycling, running, strength training, maximum intensity sprinting, stop-and-go sports (e.g. soccer) and combat sports (e.g. fencing).  More recent studies reveal that carb-rinsing also bolsters cognitive function (attention span, mental focus, processing speed), so it may also be useful for sports that involve intense concentration and accuracy (e.g. motor sport, shooting, equestrian).

*Please see our Unit Research Award Program if you're part of an academic institution*

Studies link carb-rinsing with activation of reward and motivation centers of the brain, shown to improve self-control. Self-control is critical for achievement and well-being. Much like an overworked muscle, it’s a finite resource which is depleted over time, thus affecting people's capacity to control their impulses and temptations. Carb-rinsing may be useful for those trying to bolster self-control and promote positive behaviors, as well as those trying to reduce mental fatigue during their working day.

No. The main ingredient is a carbohydrate in an easily digestible form derived from tapioca (a starch found in the root of cassava, a plant native to Brazil). Unit Rinse is certified organic and made with Non GMO and gluten free ingredients.

At Unit Nutrition, we are committed to the highest quality ingredients and food safety. Unit Rinse is organic certified and Non GMO Project Verified.

No. All three flavors of Unit Rinse are made without the 8 main allergens: milk/dairy products, egg, wheat and wheat products (gluten), soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.

Yes, all of our products are vegan.

18 months from the date it’s made. The Best-By date is on the bottom of each bottle. Each bottle has an induction seal to maintain freshness. Unit Rinse is shelf-stable and does not require refrigeration, but it does taste great chilled!

Purchasing & Refunds

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Yes you can! We're confident that Cognitive Fueling with Unit Rinse will enhance your workout and offer a money back guarantee for our customers. Eligible on first time purchases of 6-pack product only, and must be requested within 30 days of purchase. $10 shipping and handling is excluded - you will receive a $19.95 refund. Must complete a feedback survey to validate the refund. Email to initiate the process. No return of product necessary.

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