Passing the Baton

We believe in a future with healthy bodies in it. That’s why we’re collaborating with Change For Kids to create health and wellness programs to impact over 4,500 students across a dozen schools in NYC.

Our Brainy Founder

After almost a decade in finance, Julia approached her Ironman training and nutrition plans in the only way she knew how - lots of spreadsheets and research! When she discovered cognitive fueling and all its benefits, she realized it was worth building a company for.

Our Adventures

We can’t sit still! We’re all about moving forward and shaking
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The Racing Study

Unit Nutrition/ Michigan State University

In 2017, we partnered with CJ Wilson Racing and Michigan State University researcher David Ferguson to conduct ground-breaking motorsport research. This data was analyzed to assess driver performance through a nutrition-specific lens, providing a detailed understanding of the challenges to thermoregulation, hydration status and cognitive function. According to Dr. Ferguson, the lead scientist in charge, the Unit Nutrition research study “resulted in the largest and most extensive physiological data set ever collected on racing drivers." Our end goal is to develop a fueling strategy to help drivers sustain intensity and accuracy for longer periods of time, resulting in a faster and safer drive.

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