3 Reasons To Carb-Rinse

3 Reasons To Carb-Rinse

Carb-rinsing is the key to instant energy. Just rinse any of Unit’s carb-rinses, like the Peach Mango Carb-Rinse or the Mixed Berry Carb-Rinse and then drink. Doing so will fuel you for the next hour or so. When you start feeling sapped, repeat the process: rinse then drink. That’s reason enough to carb-rinse. But carb-rinsing is more than just giving you a jolt of energy. With that being said Team Unit has compiled a list of three reasons why you should carb-rinse.


1. Improves Performance

Carb-rinsing improves physical performance. It will help you push harder, lift heavier, and run longer. The study ‘Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse Improves Morning High-Intensity Exercise Performance’ confirmed carb-rinsing’s performance-enhancing capabilities. In the study, conducted by a research team from Coventry University in the UK, 12 healthy men were asked to carb-rinse in the morning. After doing so the team found that everyone could bench and squat more. They were also more alert and could sprint faster and jump higher as well. Research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology revealed that carb-rinsing has the greatest effect on performance when there has been a number of hours since eating or drinking, for example during a workout first thing in the morning. That’s due to oral receptors being more sensitive, which in turn heightens the effects of the carb-rinse.

2. Fast Carb “Action”

You don’t technically absorb carbohydrates when you carb-rinse. Sports scientist Mark Bridge explains it best, noting how carb-rinsing is akin to tricking the brain. “Your brain tells your body, ‘Carbohydrates are on the way,’” says Bridge. “And with that message, muscles and nerves are prompted to work harder and longer.” Just having some carbs in your mouth for a few seconds will signal your brain into thinking that you’re consuming carbs. Consequently, you get the performance boost discussed in the previous section, and you get it instantaneously. You get all those benefits without actually adding carbs into your body.
Tim Don Carb-Rinsing

3. The World’s Best Athletes Carb-Rinse

Athletes benefit the most from carb-rinsing. Ironman world record holder and Team Unit’s Tim Don is one such athlete, and he swears by the method: “It especially helps me during some of my big power sessions on the bike, which are a bit shorter, and almost every swim session.” David McNamee, another Ironman and Team Unit member, is also a carb-rinsing advocate. Julia Bechtolsheimer points out that McNamee is Unit’s first athlete-ambassador, and was drawn to the brand because of prior awareness of carb-rinsing.

Carb-rinsing is also gaining a following among professional soccer players. Last year’s World Cup in Russia, in fact, seemed like the world’s formal introduction to carb-rinsing. Soccer superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane were visibly carb-rinsing throughout the tournament, a testament to how effective it is. Particularly before taking penalty shots, players were seen taking sips from a bottle, swishing it around their mouth and expelling the drink after a few seconds. The improvement to mental focus, concentration and power output as they strike the ball can be the deciding factor in whether they win the championship, or not.

To be clear you don’t need to be an athlete to carb-rinse. You can do so anytime you are doing something physically demanding. Since carb-rinsing is lighting up parts of the brain responsible for alertness, you can even rinse at your desk to combat that mid-afternoon slump. Can you do this with any energy drink? Sure, but our carb-rinses here at Unit Nutrition are designed to give you the maximum cognitive benefits and are definitely the way to go.
Exclusively written for unitnutrition.com by Allie Cooper