Directions: 3 Steps to Instant Energy


Starting at the beginning of your workout, rinse for 5-10 seconds.


Swallow for added hydration. UNIT RINSE is organic, has no added sugar and is delicious!


Repeat every 15 minutes. Each bottle contains 4 rinses, designed to fuel 1 hour of exercise.


When should you be carb-rinsing?

Short duration exercise

Short Duration Exercise

up to 90 mins.

Carb-rinsing will give you a physical boost and can be relied on as your sole source of fuel for exercise up to approximately 90 minutes.

For short duration workouts your body does not require, or benefit from, any additional carbohydrates as you have sufficient stores to sustain exercise of this duration. Whether you're going for a short run, a spin class or pumping iron at the gym, activating the brain by carb-rinsing is a natural way to get an instant power boost.

Endurance Exercise

Endurance Exercise

greater than 90 mins.

For exercise over ~ 90 mins, carb-rinsing should be used in combination with a traditional fueling strategy.

At this stage, your body has begun to deplete its glycogen reserves and the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) are to replenish with 30-90g of carbs per hour.

Here are the benefits to carb-rinsing during endurance exercise:

Tactical power boost

Unlike traditional carbohydrate or caffeine intake, carb-rinsing has an instantaneous effect. Particularly useful as a power boost on a steep climb, break-away or push to the finish line.

Combating gastrointestinal (GI) distress

High carbohydrate consumption during exercise is often the cause of GI distress (upset stomach), as blood flow is diverted away from the gut to the working muscle and digestion is compromised.
UNIT RINSE allows you to continue to fuel your exercise without having to swallow or digest anything. This buys more time for gastric-emptying.

Combating taste fatigue

The light flavor helps combat taste fatigue experienced after consuming large amounts of sugary nutrition products during endurance events.


USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified,
No Artificial Ingredients

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